If you want to make the maximum amount of money promoting this launch, implement everything below:

1. Create a killer bonus package

The more incentive you can give people to buy from you, the better. Every time I do this my conversion sky-rockets. High-value bonus ideas might include your signature product (highest amount), a bundle of products, or a 1-on-1 session with you. Or both. Coaching packages are easy to do as bonuses if you don’t have a product yet or it’s off the market. Make sure you deliver the bonuses within a week of purchase, or returns will go up.

2. Re-email to non-openers

Same email, different subject.

This will only take a minute and will really pay off with how much traffic you’re able to send. Honestly, you should be doing this with every promotion you do, not just Trailblazer. This is one small thing that will really make a difference.

3. Be creative

The people that get the best results are often those that are willing to try something different. A friend of mine bought everyone a beer who bought through his affiliate link (only if they were of age of course…) and got the highest conversion rate he’s ever seen.

So don’t be afraid to do something different.

4. Webinars are powerful

I’ve recently discovered the power of webinars. You can promote them more intensely because they’re an event, and you don’t exhaust or annoy your audience by sending them to a sales page over and over. Since they’re live they also hold peoples attention better than most anything online.

If you’d like to schedule a webinar with us, contact adrianne@illuminatedmind.net and we’ll set something up.

5. Promote often

On average it can take a person seeing an offer around 5 times before they purchase. The more you email, the more your numbers will go up.

That’s why our free launch content and webinars are great to email people about, because you can email frequently without feeling too pushy. However, when you let people know about the bonuses, it’s best to send them directly to the sales page.

How do I promote?

BEST: send an email to your list

There is a sample email in the affiliate resources page that you can use or simply include a feature in your next broadcast.

Second best: Blog about it
Want to get your folks talking about Trailblazer? Blog about it and tell them why you are excited to be a part of this exciting experience.

Tweet or Share on Facebook
Send out one of the sample tweets on the affiliate resource page or write one your own. Just be sure you include your shortened affiliate link

How can I go above and beyond?

Aside from promoting Trailblazer with tweets and emails, we also have several options available for those that want to do some more direct promotion. Not all options are right for everyone so be sure to read through each one and send us an email if you have any questions.

We can do a video or audio interview, send adrianne@illuminatedmind.net an email to set something up.

Slightly different from an Interview, you send me a list of questions and I’ll answer them. You can format this to premier on your website in the form of a blog post.

Live Webinar
We are only doing a select number of live webinars and webinars are only effective if you believe you can get a lot of people excited and get a high volume of attendance. If you think this is something you are interested in let us know as soon as possible. Spaces are limited!

Have another idea? Reach out to us!

We have a support team that’s ready to help. If you have any ideas for ways to promote, let us know. We’re happy to collaborate and try something fun and effective. Just send an email to Adrianne and she will get you set up.

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